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20 tips for living a long and happy life (according to the experts at AARP)

For this bit, I’ve taken excerpts from the authorities on living long lives: the community members on AARP message boards. These responses all came from the post you can find here.

I’ve hand selected 20 pieces of advice that I think will resonate and inspire you to lead a good(er) life.

1) We begin with a classic coming from johninnevada “a happy wife, a happy life.” This poster also suggests we “stay happy, have a great partner, and keep active.”

2) “Motion is Lotion” from Hillyer. I like this one. Get to moving more!

3) A lesson in moderation from c149596r: “Sing like nobody is listening & dance like nobody is watching. Do not care what others are thinking about you. It’s your life & not theirs, so don’t let anyone live it for you. Exercise, but not until it hurts, & get some sun, just not too much. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Take time to smell the roses, just make sure there isn’t a bee in it. LOL”

Should’ve told me about the bee part earlier, smh.

4–13) The next several are all nailed by Sp11127880.

A few Recommendations:

4) Live a simple life, within your means.

5) Never compare yourself with others.

6) Try to learn one musical instrument.

7) Have at least one hobby you love.

8) Socialize with friends, relatives & neighbors.

9) Do not expect anything from anyone.

10) While working SAVE money for your future & for your family.

11) Enjoy nature, gardens, wilderness, birds, animals, beaches, lakes, rivers, birds, animals etc. develop taste for reading & listen to good music.

12) Always try to be happy, avoid unpleasant talks.12–3 years before planning to retire make sure you plan how you will spend at least 5–7 hours a day. Work it out & make sure you would love to do that.

13) Try to be helpful to others. (end of sp11127880 advice)

14) A pleasurable vision for dealing with naysayers, from cn8777: “When you’re getting bullied at work- take that person [imagine in your head] — make them look like an elephant with a huge trunk, beaver’s ears (so they can slap the ground) and have them prance around in a circle, trumpeting; and it will bring a smile to your face and maybe you will laugh too!”

15) Cs9205 says: “Think young! I remember my parents and some of their friends talking about being old at age 65. I am 80 and I still think and act like I am 40.”

16) Classic from Donnaw42: “Don’t die young — sorry couldn’t resist the obvious.”

17) From DoryAnne2: “For me, having an attitude of gratitude and appreciating everything I have is key to living a happy life. Also thinking of others and trying to give as much as possible.”

18) Gm5271 “My reply to question to what tell my younger self? Don’t take everything so seriously & as one in video said Don’t need to be my own worst enemy. There will be hills and mountains and dark valleys and moments in life but you’ll come through the other side…just have Faith….it’ll all be as [it] should & you’ll be ok.”

19) Smart Sm5396924: “I meditate and practice yoga. I eat a very healthy diet as a health coach.” <-- SHAMELESS PLUG: PROFIBER IS A PART OF A GREAT DIET

20) C149596r comes in with a two-parter:

a)“Being kind is the right thing to do, BUT, you must be careful or you could become a door mat!”

b) “Simply eat the proper foods & stay hydrated…Drink in moderation”

What is the actionable advice here? Take two responses and work on them! Unless you’re older than the responders, who are you to say any of their answers are bullocks?

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