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Is ProFiber safe to drink during #CoronaVirus?

Before proceeding, I want to highlight 3 things:

1) ProFiber is sourced from purely domestic businesses, all of whom have high safety standards.

2) The maker of the product (me, Antonio) does not have coronavirus and has not been in contact with anyone with it (as far as I know, hehe. That is inappropriate and not reassuring and I apologize)

3) ProFiber is manufactured in a facility that meets and exceeds all of HACCP food safety protocols.

How does ProFiber land in your hands? Farm -> distributor -> me. This is very controlled, and you can guarantee that during this crises period, companies are taking extra safety precautions.

Where the delivery chain veers is in how you decide to receive it. We have two methods of delivery:

1) USPS shipping — which has issued a statement saying they have largely suspended deliveries to China and Hong Kong, and are following CDC directives closely. Worth noting that the coronavirus can only be transmitted through person to person contact, not through shipping containers.

2) Pick up at market. Sterilization here gets iffy. I cannot control who is at the market, so it is possible you come in contact with someone who has the virus, though highly unlikely. While at the market I am making sure to wear gloves and wash my hands frequently, which is the greatest precautionary measure I can take aside from dropping out.

Personally, I would recommend purchasing your goods online, as you sustain less risk for contamination. Because of that, I am instituting a flat $5 shipping rate on all online purchases for the foreseeable future.

Okay so the question “is it safe to eat during this period” has been succinctly answered, but now I want to answer the bigger picture question:

“Should I drink ProFiber during the Corona Era?”

Of course, I will be biased in answering this, so down below I have listed several peer reviewed papers on how high fiber from various sources GREATLY benefits your microbiome which -> strengthens the immune system. BTW, here is the link to order! -> . This information is not new, and is not constrained to incidences of public health crises, but it does allow me to reiterate the point which I’ve been shoving down your collective throats with a mallet, which is: fiber and prebiotics will do your body realllll good.

In terms of diet, what other measures can you take to boost the body’s defenses?

Effectiveness of supplements is limited, especially given that they generally are only good for as long as you’ve been taking them, meaning limited use will provide limited, if any benefit, whereas prolonged use may see to greater benefit. Of consideration: vitamin D — this vitamin is crucial in immune system support.

Beyond that here are other safeguards:

-sleep more

-drink less alcohol

-try not to stress out too much

Thats it! Below are sources stating fiber’s importance in maintaining and improving gut health!

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