Fill in your nutrition gaps with a meal replacement that actually keeps you full.

ProFiber has 20 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber, making it the ideal meal for the 50% of americans ages 45+ who are missing these vital nutrients. 


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Benefits of ProFiber :

Save Time

ProFiber has no cooking time. Just add water. Simple prep, easy cleanup, and fewer trips to the grocery store. 

Complete and Natural Energy Source 

With a complete array of proteins, fats, carbs, and most importantly fiber, you get a whole-food derived meal from mostly plant sources. Vegetarian friendly. 

Lower Sugars

With nearly no sugar, and slower digesting nutrients, this meal can* (and has) lower blood sugar levels.

*= can't legally say for sure

Save Money

ProFiber gives you 5+ hours of satiety with key nutrients you are missing, all for only $3.33 a meal.

Stay Fuller, Longer

With over 16 grams of fiber, 12 grams essential fats, and 20 grams of protein, ProFiber keeps you satisfied for over 5 hours.  

Stay Alert with 

No Crash

Matcha green tea provides a jitter-free energy experience



"Since I started it, my blood pressure and blood sugar have really come down. No spikes...just very, very steady. Another positive is I'm not hungry most of the day and everybody comments on the way I look now."


- Capt. Bobby Hilbrunner, Mote Marine

Dr. Silverman: ProFiber meal replacement lowers blood sugar naturally, is good for microbiome, lowers cholesterol naturally

10 years ago...

I found myself in the same position as millions of Americans, and maybe same as you. I was prediabetic, had poor cholesterol, and

20 extra pounds had come from seemingly nowhere. As an MD, that was difficult to come to terms with... I was supposed to be the pinnacle of health.


Instead of continuing to treat my issues with pills, I decided to 

see what I could do naturally. After many years of testing

which ingredients were best, I finally came up with a product

that suited my needs. 

Today, my health is better than ever because of ProFiber... 

a once-a-day all-natural breakfast shake that 

has turned out to be the best habit of my life. 

- Harris Silverman, M.D. and Founder

Proudly from the Sarasota - Manatee FL area

(our users showing off their prized ProFiber)

7 traps for 45+ pdf.png