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Your once daily shake for fiber-fueled stressless nutrition past 50.

For the ones who have tried everything: 
Do you get hungry 1 hour after eating and have trouble losing weight, have an inflamed gut or have rising blood sugar? If so, then ProFiber will help you take control.

So why for people 50+?

Save Time

You only need to take ProFiber once a day. Other shakes take three times a day to work. Thats too much.. Easy prep, just add water, less time reading conflicting nutrition information.

Complete Energy Source from Simple Ingredients

With a complete array of proteins, fats, and most importantly - fiber - you get a whole-food and plant based meal that has a pleasant, natural taste!

Lower Blood Sugars

With nearly no sugar, and slow digesting ingredients, this shake's nutrients have shown in several studies they can lower blood sugar levels.* Learn about what is inside ProFiber below.

Spend Less on Groceries, More on Travel

What is the cost of 5+ hours of satisfaction, a healthy gut, spending less on medication, and peace of mind to live more? Only $3.33 a meal.

Stay Fuller, Longer

ProFiber satisfies you for over 5 hours, unlike other shakes that leave you with hunger cravings after 2 hours. ProFiber is a complete meal with over 16 grams of fiber, 12 grams healthy fats, and 20 grams of protein. 

Stay Alert with 

No Crash

Our matcha green tea, antioxidant blend, and low sugar provides you with a jitter-free energy experience, while the prebiotics give your gut - your second brain - the nutrients it craves.

Why 50+

What others are saying

"Since I started it, my blood pressure and blood sugar have really come down. No spikes...just very, very steady. Another positive is I'm not hungry most of the day and everybody comments on the way I look now."


- Capt. Bobby Hilbrunner, Mote Marine of Sarasota


Watch testimonial here:

Why take this small step forward like many of our other users did? You deserve relief from lagging health. Since this has worked for so many others, we want you to share their successes. We will drink the cost of sending you a free sample. Shipping included.

ProFiber Trial Bag

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Limited Time: Get your free 2 serving sample!

Whats in it

So what's in it?

  • Low calories from real, whole foods that deliver nutrients slowly for weight loss and hunger prevention with 0g added sugars

  • A balance of non-digested soluble and insoluble fibers to prevent cramping, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea that is associated from taking one type of fiber by itself. 

  • 18 grams net carbs. Fiber is resistant to digestion, and with our fiber + resistant starch blend - read about below - this is a low carb meal.

  • 20 grams of high quality proteins. 

  • Healthy fats from chia, flax, and sunflower seeds, making up 8.5 grams MUFA and PUFA content, 70% of total fats!​

  • Low sodium for healthy blood pressure.

  • Complex nutrients for low Glycemic load - Prediabetes and Type II diabetes friendly.

new nutrition facts.png

ProFiber nutrition facts

Our whole food nutrient blends - and why we use each one in ProFiber

Fiber blend

fiber blend.jpg

(from left to right: psyllium husk, white potato starch, oat bran)

2) White Potato Starch: A non-digestible fiber that comes from cooling pre-cooked potatoes. These cooled nutrients are thus called resistant (to digest) starches, and have shown to increase insulin sensitivity in amounts less than what we use. Link.

Fiber is the crucial element in ProFiber. To adequately hit your goals in one shake a day, we use more fiber in one serving than any other meal. After testing many sources, we landed on: 

1) Psyllium Husk: Yes, it helps with elimination with no flatulence, but did you know it feeds your gut bacteria to fight infection? 9grams per serving also keeps you feeling full.

3) Oat Bran: Notice oat bran and not oatmeal? The shell in oat bran has far more beta-glucan, one of the only FDA-approved nutrients to lower bad cholesterol. Read this.

Seed blend

Seeds are responsible for nourishing generations of empires, and they will continue to, thanks to their Omega-3s and healthy fat content, high protein yield, and ability to stave off hunger. You have probably heard of these 3 staples we use:

1) Flaxseed: Although touted for its cancer-reducing properties - read here - we use it for its ability to reduce LDL cholesterol and fat, while delivering ALA Omega-3s and filling you up. Our flax suppliers grow in the land of 10,000 lakes - Minnesota. 

seed blend.jpg

(from left to right: flaxseed, chia seed, and sunflower seed)

2) Chia Seed: Reduce inflammation with richest plant source of Omega-3s. Chia is responsible for the gel-like properties of ProFiber, but that is a good thing: this slows down digestion and reduces blood sugar spikes. Arizona Harvested. 

3) Sunflower Seeds: Yes they are incredibly high in antioxidants, but we added them for their All-American crunch. The halfway ground sunflower seeds add a familiar feeling that isn't typically associated with shakes. 

*editor's note: In an effort to make the shake less smooth, we don't grind our seeds all way up . We purposefully grind only halfway because the overwhelming evidence tells us that it is better to leave shells more intact to receive a greater cholesterol lowering benefit. You may also find the slight crunch to be a nice change, like we do. 

Protein blend

protein blend.jpg

(from left to right: whey isolate, casein concentrate, and our vegan blend: a combination of yellow split pea and brown rice)

Proteins help you build muscle, we all know this, but are all proteins equal? Of course not. A good protein must contain all 9 essential amino acids, because your body does not produce them. A great protein has them in optimal quantities. Did you know that of the 3 major macronutrients (carb, fat, protein) that protein is the most filling? What you get:

1) Whey Protein Isolate: Want to build muscle? Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the amino acids most tied to muscle growth. Whey isolate has them in the highest quantities of all proteins - and the in the optimal 2:1:1 ratio. Along with being nearly lactose free for those who get protein bloating, whey has shown to reduce blood pressure. 

3) Pea and Rice Protein: For those of you on a plant-based diet, we offer a vegan blend where our protein blend comes from yellow split peas and brown rice. These two combine to form a complete protein source, providing all 9 essential amino acids. 

2) Casein Concentrate: The slowest digesting protein, keeping you full and synthesizing muscle growth more slowly, for a stronger recovery from the day's stresses. 

Energy blend

Energy. We are all chasing it. But it alludes you more as you age, and many times, plain coffee doesn't do what you would like it to do. Have you considered you might have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Maybe you want to try an alternative caffeine choice with supporting nutrients to give you your needed boost? Here is why our antioxidant blend and matcha may help:

1) Antioxidant blend: There is a wide spectrum of phytonutrients in this fruit and veggie blend to help with cellular repair across your bodily systems. Though we don't put much focus on the vitamin side, we do add them it as a precautionary measure for you, and for taste. Distilled all into one powder, this blend contains many familiar faces: strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It also provides some unfamiliar ones to spice things up: acerola, papaya, beet fruit, and red currants for their different properties. 

energy blend.jpg

(from left to right: antioxidant mix, matcha green tea

2) Matcha Green Tea: Did you know that L-theanine binds to caffeine to make you more alert without the crash? Well, matcha has the highest L-theanine content of all teas, to go with 35mg of caffeine. Another topic of interest in regards to matcha? Its EGCG component is being researched for everything from its neuroprotective benefits, to its ability to reduce cell life cycle in cancer.

So why trust us, and why about this?

Dr. Silverman: ProFiber meal replacement lowers blood sugar naturally, is good for microbiome, lowers cholesterol naturally

ProFiber Founder and user, Dr. Harris Silverman

10 years ago...

I found myself in the same position as millions of Americans, and maybe same as you. I was prediabetic, had poor cholesterol, and 20 extra pounds had come from seemingly nowhere. As an MD, that was difficult to come to terms with... I was supposed to be the pinnacle of health.


Instead of continuing to treat my issues with pills, I decided to see what I could do naturally. After many years of testing which ingredients were best and simplest to use, I finally came up with a product that suited my needs, and what I feel suits most middle-aged and beyond Americans.

Today, my health, along with countless others' health, is better because of ProFiber... a once-a-day all-natural shake that has turned out to be the best habit of my life. I hope the same for you.

- Harris Silverman, M.D. and Founder

Proudly from the Sarasota - Manatee FL area

You can join our Users and show off your ProFiber, too!

Who are we for?

  • People ages 50+ who have tried everything under the sun to stay full, lose weight, and generally feel better. Most diets or food recommendations don't start with whole food fiber blends, and based on our previous successes, we believe this could be the key nutrient you've been missing. You do need to meet some criteria though...

  • If you can't stand the thought of a shake with a consistency thicker than that of milk, then this probably won't work for you. This isn't a smooth, sugar-filled smoothie designed to be kid-friendly. This is a purposeful shake with beneficial gel-like thickness - for people who can handle texture and don't mind chewing on a sunflower kernel.

  • Those who are capable of making small, incremental shifts in their lifestyle will benefit greatly from ProFiber. If you create change in your life by making radical shifts, as opposed to small, simple adjustments, then this may not be suited for you - which is fine! This is not a product where you exclusively replace your whole diet with 3 shakes a day to get progress (like some shakes insist on).

  • If you see 40 grams of carbohydrates per serving and get scared of that number, but fail to read we have a net carbohydrate count of 18 grams per serving, then this probably won't work for you! How does the math work out? Officially, 16 of those 40 grams are non-digested, anti-caloric fibers (officially), and (unofficially) another 6 grams are prebiotic resistant starches in the form of white potato starch which also aren't absorbed as calories.

  • People who don't want to prepare every meal, this is for you. Our product is designed to mimic food, without the hassle that can sometimes come with preparing food. If you want to sit and make every meal, then this may not be for you!

  • If you enjoy eating and snacking every 2 hours, then this isn't for you. All of our users experience fullness beyond 4 to 5 hours, without any hunger pangs or cravings. 

  • We aren't for people who have no interest in improving their: cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, gut health, beneficial gut bacteria proliferation, weight management, energy, cancer reduction, mood swings and attitude, skin tone, regularity, and alertness. This isn't a cure-all, but it can benefit you across multiple bodily functions. 

We're not for everyone, but...

  • If you can see yourself making one small change in your day that positively impacts your hunger, blood sugar, gut health, weight, and inflammation levels, then this may be for you. If that is the case, head to our shop and check out our products here at ProFiber Shop. Or, fill out the information below to try a free sample. 

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