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One drink a day to address hunger, blood sugar,

weight maintenance, a healthy microbiome,

cholesterol, limited time, and it tastes good?


What's the trick? 

There is none. 

ProFiber's ingredients accomplish all of the above; other meals just don't stack up.


With 16 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein per serving, we know you won't find a meal that your doctor will love more. While providing myriad health benefits, ProFiber is ultra convenient - a full serving will keep you satisfied for up to 5 hours, giving you the time and energy to enjoy your day.

If you want to learn more about expectations, visit here: 

Profiber expectations

Our Mission

Using the most researched and science-backed ingredients, we want healthy and more enjoyable lives for the millions who suffer from high blood sugar, extra weight, poor cholesterol, and low energy. Our aim is to serve those who struggle with these debilitating problems with our proven (and tasty!) meal
replacement - ProFiber!

How To Make

Simply pour 14-16 oz of water into a glass, then put two scoops (scoop included) of ProFiber powder into the water and stir with a spoon - if

you have a blender bottle (as recommended), 

close the lid and shake (this will mix contents far better.) 

After mixing, enjoy within 5 minutes. The high fiber quantity will tend to thicken, as fiber binds to water and expands; this is the mechanism for how you stay full with ProFiber. Now you'll be satisfied with a tasty and convenient beverage that will leave you energized throughout your day!

Our Team

Dr. Silverman: ProFiber meal replacement lowers blood sugar naturally, is good for microbiome, lowers cholesterol naturally
Dr. Harris Silverman
CEO and Founder

Dr. Harris Silverman is a retired Ophthalmologist who founded The Eye Associates of Bradenton in 1980. For 40 years he provided high quality eye care for the Manatee and Sarasota Counties, and loved every moment of it. He cherished the interactions with all of his patients, whom he considered friends. 

Now, in retirement, he has designed a once-a-day natural meal replacement that has helped stabilize his blood sugar and brought him down to his lowest weight in a many years (he's afraid to say how many years though.)

He wants to bring the same passion and commitment to people that struggle with their metabolic issues as he brought to eye care, and wants you to know if you have any questions about either the product, or health in general, you can reach him at (941) 737-2004.

Antonio Gore: ProFiber meal replacement lowers blood sugar naturally, is good for microbiome, lowers cholesterol naturally
Antonio Gore

Operations Director

Antonio Gore is a graduate of Florida State University. While in school, he studied Exercise Science, while training students and faculty alike in Strength and Conditioning. His attraction to athletics and training naturally drew him to nutrition. 

During college he made a shake similar to Dr. Silverman's ProFiber, and when they met by chance in 2016, they decided to collaborate and bring this amazing meal to market. They each thought that many others could succeed and live more healthy, fulfilling, and bountiful lives with ProFiber. 

Antonio is the person who made the website - even wrote these very words in the third person - and will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied. Though Dr. Silverman remains the pretty face of this partnership, Antonio is doing his best to keep up. If you want to reach Antonio, call (941) 525-0854 anytime. 

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