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What is ProFiber?


ProFiber is an easy, once-a-day meal replacement designed to help those who struggle with their blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight while still remaining affordable. 

What is the taste/texture of ProFiber 

ProFiber has a trail-mix taste that has hints of sweetness to it. The texture has a smoothie thickness combined with some half-way ground–up seeds so you get the “meal” crunch to it. No, it doesn’t taste like cardboard, like many others do. 

Is ProFiber Gluten-free?

ProFiber is gluten-free, though some of the ingredients are made in a facility that also uses wheat products. 

Is ProFiber Vegan?

No, ProFiber is not Vegan. We use two dairy-derived proteins (whey and casein).  

Is ProFiber Lactose-free?

No, as previously stated, we use whey and casein. We use these because for the vast majority, they are easily digested, PLUS they are the most effective proteins in inducing muscle protein synthesis (building muscle). 

Can I get a free sample?

We do not send samples since it is a) not a good way for anyone to judge the long-term benefits of the product; you should AT MINIMUM try it for 2 weeks and b) it is not financially viable for us. If you can't do the 2 week bag, we do have a trial size bag for your purchase. 

I've had gastric surgery, will this be good for eating after that?

First and foremost, it's important you consult your doctor. Though we do have an M.D. on our team, we cannot make any recommendations where an individual needs personal evaluation. We have had success with clients who have had gastric bypass, but again - you will need your primary physician for oversight. 

Is it supposed to get thick?

100% yes. ProFiber will become gelatinous within 10 minutes of mixing. This is what is supposed to happen. The soluble fibers absorb water and thicken, thus keeping you satiated. This is also the part of the mechanism that stabilizes blood sugar and reduces absorption of cholesterol. If you cannot handle thicker drinks, ProFiber isn't for you.

Does ProFiber contain any allergens?

ProFiber contains the seeds: chia, flax, and sunflower. In addition, it also includes dairy.

Does ProFiber incorporate grains?

Yes! We included a clinical dose of oat bran – an important nutrient that’s high in beta glucan - a nutrient proven to lower LDL cholesterol and fasting blood sugar. For those who are gluten intolerant, have no worries! Oats are gluten-free.

Is ProFiber guaranteed to work?

According to the FDA, we can make no guarantees, but for people who have the stated goals – blood sugar, weight, and cholesterol -  throughout this guide, we have found that over 90% of those who use ProFiber for at least two weeks, see results – making us far superior to products in our market.

How much fiber compared to other meals?

As far as we’re aware, this has more fiber than any other meal or meal replacement on the market, with 16 grams total.

Do you experience gas or bloating because of all the fiber?

If you do not follow our guidelines, this can happen. You have to adjust yourself to ProFiber, and that means starting at half a serving and drinking plenty of water. Fiber will attach itself to water, and so you need to drink more water to compensate for that. To counteract gas and bloating we have plenty of insoluble fiber in our blend. 

Can I bring ProFiber while I'm traveling?

Yes, and we encourage it! There are no restrictions on products like ProFiber, and to top it off, fiber is a nutrient which has shown to help prevent jet lag and the unwelcomed travelers constipation.  

What is the glycemic index of ProFiber?

ProFiber is very low GI at roughly 5 on the GI scale.

Can I consume ProFiber if I have diverticular disease?

Consuming ProFiber may be okay if your diverticular disease is in remission, but we do advise caution. We have ground up seeds that we purposefully do not grind up all the way. If you're in an active diverticulitis phase, the ground flaxseed, chia, or sunflower may get caught up in diverticular pockets and cause irritation, so we suggest avoiding ProFiber.   

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