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ProFiber Starter Bag

Interested in giving ProFiber a go but not sure if you want to get the full bag? Maybe you aren't sure if the taste profile will be right or if this fits your individual body's needs. You never know, and you may not find the same success as our longtime users, but you won't know until you try it. That's why the trial size bag is perfect for hesitant users.


Want to know the Nutrition Facts? See the photo carousel above for more information.. 


What to expect within your first five days: 

  • Your body will NOT fully acclimate to the increased fiber load within 5 days. Take it slow with the first few times and may do half the recommended serving size. (1 scoop in water)
  • It will NOT taste like the thousands of ultra-processed foods and super-sugary supplements. You will feel the crunch of the sunflower between your teeth,  get hints of different powdered fruits, but none of it will be overpoweringly sweet. We are getting back to basics on taste.
  • No meal prep time
  • You will be less hungry throughout the day
  • Saying to yourself "Wow, this gets thick" That is the fiber doing its job, folks. 
  • Wanting to get a another bag at the end of your first five days (hopefully)

ProFiber Starter Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Return Policy

    For our starter bag, we do not offer a return policy. See 2.5 lb bag for guarantee.

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