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What is ProFiber Food?

ProFiber is an easy, once a day meal designed for busy people over age 45 to get nutrition tailored for them. It’s not anti-aging, like a lot of products claim, but aging better. Reframing how we approach aging makes for a clearer mental space.

In today’s busy-bee economy, you have to stay on top of things more than ever. That’s where we come in.

“ProFiber” is the meal. “Food” indicates what it is. Together, they’re “ProFiber Food.” People like to label things, and most will want to label us a ‘meal replacement.’ It makes sense, because ‘Meal Replacement’ is even on our own label. The notion that it replaces a meal – like a supplement - and is not a meal itself is flawed... ProFiber is a meal, that you just so happen to drink. It’s got a crunch to it, has a trail mix flavor, and though we’ve gone a few sentences without mentioning it – ProFiber is incredibly nutritious and beneficial to your body; but how?

ProFiber mixes in less than one minute, but keeps you full for over 5 hours with 16 grams of fiber – the most fiber of any meal out there. To maintain muscle with age and stay strong, ProFiber has 20 grams of satiating protein. Heart health is incredibly important to us – with so many Americans prone to heart disease and outrageous medical bills, we added 12 grams of heart healthy fats coming from various seeds with Omega-3s. No GMOs. No gluten.

Ideally suited for the person whose life has become a blustering, roaring wildfire of chaos over the years and needs a health ‘boost,’ ProFiber helps those whose blood sugar has eeked up, can aid those whose digestion has gone out of whack, and assists when you want to eat fewer calories. Got paperwork to do and some nagging kids? This gives you more time to respond to your responsibilities without worrying about cravings nagging at your coattails as well.

ProFiber isn’t a diet, fad, or trend, however. This is a meal that ensures you get proper daily nutrition through a once-a-day habit, while still allowing you to eat however you please for the majority of the day. We work around the premise that people don’t like complete upheavals of their food preferences for a diet because, well, we don’t either. In that regard, we try to embody the 80/20 rule: be on top of things 80 percent of the the time, and roam freely for the other 20.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive meal that helps you cut down on your food waste, is easy to make, and helps you in your quest to be healthy, then you’ve come to the right habit.

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